In 2013 I applied for & received a residency @ The Leighton Artist Colony Banff Canada.   Visits to other countries are always inspiring; the influence of other cultures & places are both fascinating and unpredictable.

I believe it is important for the progress of an Australian artist career to include international art experiences. The personal encounters that have grown from residencies have proven invaluable for long-term international cooperation and the promotion of intercultural dialogue & have long lasting effects. This Canadian residency provides reflective opportunities to view Canadian & international artist’s processes across a variety of disciplines & how they interpret conceptual issues around community.

The possibility to construct across disciplines is important when cultivating hybrid outcomes. I will be able to come up with new combinations using technology, new processes that include low-tech high-tech approaches. I can generate workshops around, knowledge sharing with the community and with other artists in my field. Opening the potential of how technology as a platform will transform my work and give greater opportunities to present public art & ephemeral art installations.


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