Arrived early on the 18th August to the Banff Arts Centre. Book in procedures as usual, I had to wait for my room to be ‘ready’ for a long time…….although this waiting time gave me an opportunity to see the studio (i had that key right away) …..The studio was great, spacious everything an artist wants + some, printer, radio, couch, chairs tables, veranda & ample work area….& all mine for a few weeks

IMG_1377        IMG_1374    IMG_1380      

Studio                                                           Banff Arts Centre Reception                    Room view

The Banff Arts Centre  is vast an complex & although I had a map i discovered new areas that they probable didn’t even know they had…..This proved a good orientation to the Centre, getting my artist pass, signing up for the library finding somewhere to eat  helped my room was a pleasant surprise large & spacious … though luckily I prefer the heat & there is a fan and the view from my room made me forget all about the heat!…..was exhausted fell into bed while it was still light..